"Le Manzane" is located in Veneto, a region of North-East Italy

Our vineyards are nestled in Manzana, a sunny hilly area stretching between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, in the Province of Treviso...

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The fertile land here is the result of the Würm glaciation period of last Ice Age. At that time the Piave glacier, having filled the Belluno basin, pushed two major branches southwards – that of Quero to the west, and the so-called "Lapisina" on the east, creating the great moraine amphitheatre of Vittorio Veneto. In time the elements (wind, rain, sun) and the process of organic activity began to corrode the surface of the alluvial mass, largely gravel, giving rise to the generous reddish soil known as “laterite”, the color of which turns frequently brown or yellowish due to the abundance of sandstone rocks and the effect of clayey flooding.