A tradition handed down from one generation to another


For three generations we love our land and we take the finest fruits from it


The company was established in the 1950s. In 1958, Osvaldo Balbinot, forefather of the family, started a small business in the wine-producing branch with his wife Elsa at the beginning, and his son Ernesto a few years later. It was the beginning of a dream that has covered three whole generations.

A glass of wine can tell a lot about the story of a family connected to such extraordinary places as the hills of the "Prosecco Superiore" OSVALDO BALBINOT
We have been carrying out a family tradition, love and passion for wine with respect for what the Nature gives us and working with people who share the same models from the first to the last steps of production.

Ernesto supervises every step of the productive process, with love and care for each detail, along with his wife Silvana, his son Marco and his daughter Anna. They decided to follow Ernesto's footsteps committing with enthusiasm so as to make their dream come more and more ambitious.

The team

Loving your homeland means dedication for something in which we truly believe. The vineyards need smart hands to look after them. Love and passion bond our team.
Vineyards need wise hands that take care of them, love and fondness that unite our team