The conversation with nature

Expression of flavours, tastes and colours of a unique area.

The hills

We cultivate over 1700 hectares in different plots into the area of the "Prosecco Superiore". We grow with love the bunches of grapes which are welcome in our cellars first and in your glasses afterwards.

The grape varieties

A GREAT WINE BORN FROM GREAT GRAPES The ideal conditions for the grape varieties are facilitated by a rich territory suited by nature for wine-making; the sun, the wind and the temperature range help in giving the golden bunches of Glera, the main grape variety followed by Verdiso, Manzoni and Marzemino.

Glera is a white-berry grape variety, prosecco's basic element. It has got hazel-coloured shoots and it generates long and big bunches with yellow-golden grapes. In the process of prosecco-production the glera represent at least 85% of the grapes used.

The word Verdiso specifies a grape variety cultivated in the area of the Trevisan "Alta Marca" in the region of Veneto. "Verdiso" is an autochthonous white-berry grape variety cultivated in the Trevisan province, and is one of the other grapes admitted by the disciplinary production of the DOC and DOCG prosecco.

The grape harvest

Its charm and its history date back very ancient times. The grape harvest passes on from one generation to another, from method to method; an annual work event of social communion in the territory with a mixture of tradition and innovation simply aiming to the quality of the product.