Our home, our passion

From production to wine-tasting and direct sale

THE WINe cellar

Our home, our passion

With a view to the Dolomiti mountains resides the cellar "Le Manzane", taking its name from the area called "Manzana", an advanced point in the wine culture.

The Cellar is not only a place where you make the wine but it’s also a meeting space between humanity and earth

Following a massive work of environmental redevelopment, the cellar is hidden inside a hill and takes advantage of a technological system of production using the most updated techniques of wine-heating, thermal-conditioning storage and automated bottling aiming to guarantee unaltered quality and the character of the wine.

Our store

The wine shop is a cosy and modern space. Here, customers and tourists may taste and purchase the best of the company's production. You will also find a selection of different wines produced by "Ernesto's friends".