All products are to be delivered by specialized carriers and operators, appointed by LE MANZANE, who shall guarantee the integrity and good conditions of the delivered products. Products can otherwise be delivered at LE MANZANE’s headquarters, in S. Pietro di Feletto (TV) - Via Maset, 47 / B, thus allowing the Customer to come into personal contact with the Territory where our Passion was born and still keeps growing.

In the case of delivery by carrier, the shipping is charged to the Customer. Shipping is free of charge for orders over 99,00 €. The Customer shall refer to the Shipping page to determine the shipping charges for the purchases made. The shipping charges applied are contextually shown on the website at the time the purchase order is submitted by the Customer. It is the Customer's duty to provide all the information necessary for the implementation of the delivery, as well as to verify the correctness of the information reported in the purchase order.

Alcoholic products shall not be delivered to minors under the age of 18. To this end, an identification card may be required to verify the age of the Customer.

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