Our Vineyards

More than 70 hectares of farmland located in the land of Prosecco Superiore where we cultivate and grow with love the grapes that will then be welcomed in our cellar to end up in your glasses.

The grape varieties

Glera is a white grape variety, the basic component of Prosecco. It has hazelnut-colored shoots and produces large and long bunches, with golden yellow berries. In the production of Prosecco, Glera constitutes at least 85% of the grapes used.

The term Verdiso indicates a particular grape variety and white wine with a typical geographic indication produced in Veneto in the Alta Marca trevigiana. Verdiso is an autochthonous white grape variety cultivated in the province of Treviso, which is included in the production disciplinary of Prosecco DOC and DOCG.

Grape Harvest

The grape harvest is a ritual that has been handed down from generation to generation, from method to method. Today this annual event of work and social sharing combines tradition and innovation with a single goal: to give life to a quality product.

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